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The JFrog SaaS Log Analytics integration with Splunk provides customers with usage insights and auditing capabilities associated with their JFrog SaaS instances.  With this integration, customers can extract logs from the dedicated log repository within their cloud instances and analyze them using pre-built dashboards within Splunk.


The following pre-requisites apply:

  • A working and configured Splunk Enterprise instance. To receive log data, the customer must set up an HTTP Event Collector (HEC) within their Splunk deployment.
  • The Cloud Log Collection service must be enabled for the JFrog cloud instance.  

Install the JFrog SaaS Log Analytics app from splunkbase here.


If you need help with this integration, please contact

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Page contents

How it Works

The JFrog SaaS Log Analytics integration relies on the enablement of the cloud log collection service that is designed to collect and store application logs into a dedicated JFrog Artifactory repository. The JFrog SaaS Log Analytics integration includes:

  • A Log Collector -  that periodically collects logs from the customers’ dedicated repository.
  • A Log Forwarder - that transforms and forwards the logs into the customers’ Splunk instance. 

Once the logs are sent to Splunk customer’s can visualize these logs using pre-built dashboards that are pre-configured within the JFrog SaaS Log Analytics app available for download within splunkbase.

Supported Log Files

The JFrog SaaS Log Analytics integration supports the logs that are collected through the Cloud Log Collection service.  Visit the Cloud Log Collection page for more information on supported logs and other details associated with log retention and rotation.

Setting up the Integration 

Visit the JFrog SaaS Log Analytics github page for detailed instructions on how to set up the Log Collector and Log Forwarder, and how to configure the HEC token to receive logs within your Splunk instance.

Viewing JFrog SaaS Log Data in Splunk

JFrog SaaS log data is summarized into the Logs and Operations views within the JFrog SaaS Log Analytics app. The Logs tab contains a series of charts that provide insight into the usage and consumption of artifacts and repositories across your JFrog cloud instance. These charts include:  

  • Top 10 Accessed Images over time 
  • Top 10 Accessed Repositories over time
  • Upload Data Transfer by Repository 
  • Download Data Transfer by Repository
  • Top 10 Active Downloading IPs
  • Top 10 Active Uploading IPs

The Operations tab provides a historical summary of all the operations performed by Artifactory admins on users, tokens, and permissions for your JFrog Cloud instance.  Drill down views from each of these charts provide more details about the operations performed for enhanced audit tracking.

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