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The JFrog Artifactory and JFrog Xray roles support software upgrades using Ansible Collection.

Before You Proceed

To ensure you can restore your JFrog Platform and database in case you encounter any issues during the upgrade process, we strongly recommend you make sure your system and database backups are up to date.

Page Contents

Upgrading with the Ansible Collection

All JFrog product roles support software updates. To use a role to perform a software update only, use the _<product>_upgrade_only_ variable and specify the version. See the following example.

- hosts: artifactory_servers
artifactory_version: "{{ lookup('env', 'artifactory_version_upgrade') }}"
artifactory_upgrade_only: true
- artifactory
- hosts: xray_servers
xray_version: "{{ lookup('env', 'xray_version_upgrade') }}"
xray_upgrade_only: true
- xray
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