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The Red Hat Certified OpenShift Operator allows OpenShift users the ability to deploy a high availability instance of JFrog Xray to their OpenShift clusters. 


  • Active OpenShift 4 subscription
  • An existing Artifactory instance
  • Existing PSQL Database
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Setting up JFrog Xray Using Red Hat Certified OpenShift Operator

  1. Go to the OperatorHub in an Openshift 4.x cluster console.
  2. Search for JFrog and click JFrog Xray Operator to install.
  3. Deploy the operator, and follow the quick start guide.

Upgrading Xray in Openshift Using Operatorhub

When new versions of the Openshift operator are deployed by JFrog, you will receive automatic upgrades, provided you selected install next version through OperatorHub .

For example, if you are running version 3.6.2. and an upgrade becomes available for 3.8.0 in Operatorhub  Xray will automatically upgrade to 3.8.0 within 24 hours.

For more information see  Openshift upgrade and OLM.  

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