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This plugin is a migration of the original maven-native-plugin from Dan T. Tran, to jade plugins using maven anno mojo.

You can use this plugin goals to compile, analyze and test c and c++ source under Maven 2 with compilers such as gcc, msvc, static analyzers, cppunit, and more.

This plugin is merging the good generic implementation of the native plugin and the nice distribution philosophy of freehep nar plugin. It is in production on a big project for linux build.
The feature list is here

How To Use

Instructions on how to use the Plugin can be found here .


Below you can find a list of Examples:

  • How to Integrate other applications like static analyzer
  • How to configure Tests and Source directory
  • How to use javah to generate native header
  • How to build a share library on Unix
  • How to have the Unix 'ar' to build the static library
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