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JFrog Mission Control is designed to be your single access point for managing your services.

Each service managed by Mission Control must be contained within a site. As part of the getting started, you added your initial Artifactory service in the Mission Control onboarding wizard and then proceed to add the remaining services directly in the Services section.

Existing Artifactory services are automatically assigned to a site

When upgrading to Mission Control 3.0, any Artifactory services already managed by your current version of Mission Control will be assigned to new Sites that will be created according to the location of your Artifactory service. For example, an Artifactory service with location San Fransisco, will be assigned to a new site called San Fransisco.

All services without a location will be added to the "Default" site.

The Enterprise and Enterprise+ licenses support these services:

In addition to the above service types, Enterprise+ license provides support for:

Viewing All Services

The Services module allows you to view all services managed by Mission Control in one place. 

The service type.
The service name.
The service URL.
The service status.
Status Details
The service status details.
The site the service is in.
The service license type.
License valid Thru
The service license expiration date.

Adding Services

Once you have created your sites, you can add services to them according to their geographical locations.

To add a service click Add Service from the Header or the Services module.

Fill in the service details and click Test Connectivity to check your authorization. 

Add Service

JFrog Mission Control will validate the service and connect to it.

A logical name for the service.
The service type. Artifactory or Xray (Enterprise), Edge, Distribution and Jenkins (Enterprise Plus)
The service URL.
A description of the service (optional).
User Name
The service administrator user name.
The service administrator password.
The proxy through which MC accesses the service (optional).

The site to assign your service to.

Not compulsory, but recommended

While it's not compulsory to immediately add your new service to a site, it is recommended. If your service is not associated with a site, you are not able to include it when creating permissions. 


If you are adding an Artifactory or an Artifactory Edge service, after you test connectivity, you will be prompted to deploy a license. Make sure to select a license bucket with the right type of licenses for the service you are adding - Enterprise (for an Artifactory Enterprise service),  Enteprise+ (for a fully featured Artifactory service in an Enterprise+ environment or Edge (for an Artifactory Edge node).

Next, select the site to which you want to add the service. If you do not have a site to add your service to, or the service should go in a new site, click Create Site.

Finally, click Add.

Adding a license and a site

Once added, your service will be assigned to the specified site and displayed in the Service module and Site module.

Editing and Deleting a Service

Editing and deleting a service can be done from the Actions menu in the single service page, or by hovering over the service from the Services module.

Only user will Mission Control admin privileges can edit or remove service.

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