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This page presents release notes for JFrog Mission Control describing the main fixes and enhancements made to each version as it is released.


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For installation instructions please refer to Installation

To upgrade to the latest version, please refer to Upgrading

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Mission Control 1.12

August 9, 2017

Feature Enhancements
  1. To support TLS/SSL authentication between two Artifactory instances for replication, a new field, clientTlsCertificate, has been added to the Replication and Multi-push replication DSL blocks.
  2. To support disabling the indexing of filelist.xml metadata file in RPM repositories, a new field, enableFileListsIndexing, has been added to the Local Repository DSL block.  
  3. Artifactory instances that use one of the supported cloud storage providers will no longer appear in the Top 5 Instances graph since their storage capacity is effectively infinite.
  4. In addition to being able to display the top 5 repositories for all managed instances, in the Top 5 Repositories graph you can now select a specific Artifactory instance and display the top 5 repositories for that instance

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Mission Control 1.11

June 2, 2017


The Mission Control Graphs - 2.0 module has been updated to include a Storage and Artifact Usage graph showing the amount of storage used and number of artifacts. It allows you to get an overall view of all Artifactory instances (and their repositories) managed by Mission Control, or to focus on a specific instance and repository. This graph supports Predictions, and when enabled, it will also estimate how these figures will grow over time 3, 6, 12 and 24 months into the future.

The "Top 5 Instances (Historical)" and "Top 5 Repositories (Historical)" graphs have been removed. 

Feature Enhancements
  1. You can now use the REST API to run a script on a group of instances. Previously this was only available through the UI.
  2. You can now trigger replication of a repository directly from the Monitor module in the Mission Control UI.
  3. When "webapp" is part of Artifactory's root URL, JFMC now removes it when it issuing a system "ping" request.
  4. You can now disable predictive analysis for graphs that support it (currently only the Storage / Artiafct Usage graph). When disabled the time scale stops at "Now" and you cannot scroll the graph to view future dates. 
Issues Resolved
  1. Fixed an issue that prevented updating YUM repositories in instances of Artifactory 5.x.
  2. Fixed an issue in which importing the repository configuration for an RPM repository resulted in a configuration script that incorrectly specified the package type as "Generic". With this fix, the package type is now correct (RPM).
  3. Fixed an issue in which, during startup, the Mission Control service would return a response of 200 OK to a REST API call even though it was unable to carry out the request. In this scenario, Mission Control now returns "503 Service Unavailable Error".
  4. Fixed an issue in which caused connectivity problems between Mission Control and the influxDB database under certain circumstances.

Mission Control 1.10

April 3, 2017

InfluxDB Log Rotation 

To prevent the InfluxDB log files from becoming inflated, Mission Control now manages them automatically using log rotationLog rotation is currently supported for RPM and Debian installations. 

Refreshing Mission Control Extensions

The Mission Control extensions used to reconnect to Artifactory instances have been enhanced. After upgrading to this version, make sure you upload the updated extensions to Artifactory as described in Reconnecting to Managed Instances

Main Updates
  1. If a replication is configured with an invalid cron expression, an exception is written to the output logs. Mission Control will continue to try parsing the next replication status and will only return the valid replications in the response.
  2. Mission Control now supports DR sync for custom repository layouts named with a "-default" suffix such as "mycustom-default".
  3. Mission Control Instance Storage Summary now displays additional information, including storage used by Cached FS and Sharding binary providers.

Mission Control 1.10.1

May 14, 2017

Issues Resolved
  1. Fixed an issue that caused replication from the Master to a non-DR instance to fail during the DR Init phase.

Mission Control 1.9

February 21, 2017

Compatibility with Artifactory

This release updates Mission Control to support the latest features released with Artifactory 5.1

Configuration Management with Chef and Puppet at Global Scale

This release of Mission Control complements new features in Artifactory 5.1 by adding support for Chef and Puppet. This provides administrators with central control, management and monitoring of Chef Cookbook and Puppet repositories across all of an organizations’ worldwide Artifactory instances.

Main Updates
  1. Mission Control now supports Chef Cookbook and Puppet repositories in Artifactory.  
  2. Mission Control now displays the artifact count for both the source and target repositories in the Monitor module Replication tab
  3. The time to load the replication relationships, in the Replication tab, has been reduced. 
  4. DR performance has been improved by ensuring that the Master instance's configuration script will only be pushed to the Target instance if it has been modified.
  5. When performing DR, Mission Control will only check available space when the target instance storage is configured with a filesystem binary provider.
  6. An issue with sending a test email when configuring the mail setup for notifications, has been fixed.

Mission Control 1.8

February 13, 2017

Compatibility with Artifactory

This release updates Mission Control to support the latest features released with Artifactory 5.0. 

Cluster License Management

This release of Mission Control complements new features in Artifactory 5.0 by adding support for Artifactory's Cluster License Manager for HA installations. 

Main Updates
  1. An issue preventing DR Initialization due to incorrect calculation of storage required on the DR instance has been fixed.
  2. An issue preventing DR Initialization because availability of cloud storage, such as S3, on the DR instance not being detected, has been fixed.
  3. If you access JFrog Mission Control while it is still starting up, you will now see a cool startup animation rather than getting 404.
  4. The defalt value for snapshotVersionBehavior in the localRepository block DSL has been corrected to show "unique" as the default value.
  5. Configuration scripts managed on a Git repository may now be accessed via SSH, in which case you do not need to provide a User Name and Password 
  6. An issue preventing Mission Control from connecting to InfluxDB after the hosting server is awakened from sleep mode has been fixed.
  7. In this version, Mission Control adds support for deploying licenses to Artifactory 5 HA clusters that manage licensing internally using Artifactory's Cluster License Manager

Mission Control 1.7

December 28, 2016

Storage Based Event Notifications

Mission Control launches event notifications by email. By configuring a set of policies on managed instances and repositories, Mission Control will send email alerts based on specific events. Currently, events connected to storage are supported, so you can get email alerts when an instances free space passes the set percentage threshold, or when a repository's used space passes the set usage threshold.

Predictive Graphs

Mission Control Graphs have been enhanced to show not only historical data, but also predictive data. Now, you don't have to second guess how your instances and repositories will behave in the future. Mission Control runs a predictive analysis and displays an estimation of how your instances and repositories will use storage 3, 6, 12 and 24 months into the future.

Main Updates

In addition to UI enhancements and many bug fixes, this release includes the following main updates: 

  1. Configure Mission Control to send email notifications for storage based events. 
  2. Mission Control Graphs now show predictive analysis.  
  3. Disaster Recovery now supports both remote and virtual repositories (in addition to local repositories that were previously supported).
  4. When attaching a license from a license bucket using JFrog CLI, the bucket_id parameter can take either the bucket name or the bucket ID.
  5. You now have the option of deleting DR replication configurations once a DR Target instance has completed being restored to the Master, or when deleting a Master/Target pair.  
  6. Mission Control performance related to sending ping requests to a newly instantiated Artifactory instance has been greatly improved.
  7. Mission Control now supports Smart Remote Repositories.
  8. When entering user input to specify the package type in a configuration script, the possible values are now selected from a drop list

Mission Control 1.7.1

January 25, 2017

Main Updates
  1. This patch fixes an issue related to changing DR replication status during the synchronization process in DR Init phase.

Mission Control 1.6

November 16, 2016

New Installation

Mission Control standalone installations for Windows, Mac and Linux now come in separate ZIP files. 

Docker Upgrade

Mission Control Docker upgrade has been greatly simplified and uses an installation script. 


Mission Control displays Graphs - 2.0 showing historical data on Artifactory instances and repositories giving you a view to past usage and insights on trending behavior. This is supported by an InfluxDB database which is now included in all variants of Mission Control installation files.

Main Updates

In addition to above main enhancements and bug fixes, this release includes the following updates: 

  1. An issue that caused Mission Control to lock a user when registering an instance with a plain text password has been fixed.
  2. If any node in a cluster has a duplicate or disabled license, the whole cluster will be disabled.
  3. Support for PHP Composer repositories has been added.

Mission Control 1.6.1

December 14, 2016

Conan Repositories

Mission Control takes centralized global repository management to the world of C/C++ development. With the addition of support for Conan in the latest release of JFrog Artifactory, v4.15, Mission Control is fully aligned and also supports Conan repositories for C/C++ binary components. 

Main Updates

In addition to UI enhancements and many bug fixes, this release includes the following main updates: 

  1. Add support for Conan repositories.

Mission Control 1.5

September 27, 2016

Disaster Recovery

Several enhancements have been made to Disaster Recovery:

  • A variety of instance configuration files are backed up in DR. These include repository layouts, property sets, proxies, LDAP and LDAP Group settings and SSO configuration.
  • A REST API endpoint to match up DR master and target pairs has been added 
  • Before initializing DR, Mission Control verifies that there is enough storage available on the target instance
Git Integration
  • Previously, only configuration scripts that complied with certain limitations on the script name could be managed on Git. This limitation has now been removed.
  • Pulling scripts from branches is now supported
  • Anonymous users on the Git repository are now supported

JMX MBeans can also monitor changes in an Artifactory's instance state (started up, or went down)

Docker Installation

Mission Control Docker installation has been greatly simplified and uses an installation script.

Main Updates

In addition to UI enhancements and many bug fixes, this release includes the following main updates: 

  1. Enhanced Disaster Recovery
  2. Improvements to the Git integration
  3. JMX MBeans that monitor Artifactory state
  4. Improved Docker installation script
  5. Issues with the license and the plugin have been fixed
  6. Issues with the EULA and Docker pull have been fixed

Mission Control 1.5.1

October 20, 2016

PHP Composer Repositories

This version supports PHP Composer repositories introduced in Artifactory v4.14.0

Main Updates
  1. Support PHP Composer local and remote repositories.

Mission Control 1.5.2

November 2, 2016

Disaster Recovery
  • DR at Scale: Disaster Recovery has been tested with large repositories holding terabytes of data to ensure coherent DR and recovery on a large scale.
  • Artifact Stats: When configuring DR, you can specify that Mission Control should replicate artifact statistics. This will prevent artifacts from inadvertently getting removed by user plugins that perform cleanup based on artifact statistics such as "Last Downloaded" or "Number of Downloads".
  • User Plugins: User plugins are now also DR protected which means they are copied over to the target instance in a DR situation, and copied back to the master instance in recovery.
Download Blocking

Repository configuration scripts have been enhanced to include the blockXrayUnscannedArtifacts and xrayMinimumBlockedSeverity parameters that control download blocking in Artifactory.

Main Updates
  1. Artifact statistics and user plugins are now DR protected.
  2. Repository configuration scripts now include download blocking parameters.

Mission Control 1.4

August 8, 2016


Monitor a variety of parameters using any JMX agent.

Git Integration

Manage configuration scripts in a Git repository.

Script Validation

Get instant feedback from Mission Control on validity of your configuration scripts

Docker Installation

Mission Control is now available as a Docker image

Main Updates

In addition to UI enhancements and many bug fixes, this release includes the following main updates: 

  1. Monitoring with MBeans  
  2. Git Integration 
  3. Script Validation 
  4. New security templates for configuration scripts 
  5. Mission Control Docker installation 

Mission Control 1.3

July 3, 2016

Disaster Recovery

JFrog Mission Control now offers one-click disaster recovery for your Artifactory instances. Once DR is configured, in case of any event that makes one of your Artifactory installations inoperable, you may resume operations almost immediately at the click of a button in Mission Control. Users of the downed instance may not even notice that anything happened.


JFrog Mission Control REST API has been upgraded to v2. This version is significantly changed from v1 of the REST API which is now deprecated, and we strongly recommend that you upgrade your scripts to use the new API.

Mission Control Backup

Mission Control can manage backup and disaster recovery for Artifactory, but what happens if the server on which you're running Mission Control itself goes down? To support this scenario, and facilitate nearly instant recovery, Mission Control may now be easily backed itself up to facilitate near-real-time recovery.

Main Updates

In addition to UI enhancements and many bug fixes, this release includes the following main updates: 

  1. Setting up Disaster Recovery - 2.0 for Artifactory 
  2. REST API v2
  3. Mission Control Backup facilities 

Mission Control 1.2

May 20, 2016

License Bucket Management

JFrog Mission Control introduces License Bucket management which automates, and therefore, greatly simplifies the management of licenses for large numbers of Artifactory instances.

Main Updates

In addition to UI enhancements and many bug fixes, this release includes the following main updates: 

  1. License Bucket Management

Mission Control 1.1

February 28, 2016

Debian Installation

Mission Control is now available for installation as a Debian distribution

Main Updates

In addition to UI enhancements and many bug fixes, this release includes the following main updates: 

  1. Installation as a Debian distribution

Mission Control 1.0

February 1, 2016

JFrog is proud to announce the release of JFrog Mission Control 1.0. This version follows several weeks of customer testing and implements many of the requests provided in the feedback we received on our preview version.


Mission Control's monitoring capabilities have been greatly enhanced and allow its operator to view a variety of information about managed Artifactory instances. These include JVM parameters, storage summary, replication data and running Artifactory tasks.

Environment Setup

To facilitate quick, repeatable and accurate setup of Artifactory instances, Mission Control now offers the capability to import configuration parameters from existing Artifactory instances, tweak them as necessary, and then deploy them to other Artifactory instances. This presents a quick and easy way to provision uniform configuration to any number of Artifactory instances.


Mission Control now exposes a rich REST API to allow fully automated management of Artifactory instances including creating and updating instances, creating and updating repositories, creating and updating users, groups and permissions, all through REST API.


Mission Control now provides convenient wizard-based license management. Easily deploy licenses to all your Artifactory instances in a single bulk operation and be alerted of duplicate licenses that you may have in your global Artifactory network.

Main Updates

In addition to UI enhancements and many bug fixes, this release includes the following main updates: 

  1. Greatly enhanced Monitoring module providing extensive information about the JVM, storage, replication and tasks of managed Artifactory instances.
  2. Importing configurations
  3. REST API.  
  4. Managing Artifactory licenses
  5. Enhanced Dashboard with geo-location map.