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The View module displays the Mission Control Instance Browser through which you can view details of all managed Artifactory instances. In addition to a clear indication if the instance is online or not, the following set of information tabs is displayed:

  • General: Displays general information such as instance name, URL, location, version and more.
  • Repositories: Displays a full list of repositories with details such as repository name, type and number of artifacts.
  • Connections: Relations of replication and proxy with other instances of Artifactory.
  • System Info: Environment variables and system properties of the managed instance.
  • License: License information such as licensee, expiration date and more.
  • HA: Provides details related to the HA configuration of the Artifactory instance.
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Instance Browser

The Instance Browser displays a list of all Artifactory instances managed by Mission Control . Selecting any of the Artifactory instances displays its corresponding information tabs described in the sections below.

View Artifactory instances

Actions Menu

The Actions menu lets you execute basic functions on the selected instance as follows:

Refreshes the view for the selected instance
Displays the Edit Instance screen for the selected instance where you can modify the instance's basic details.
Upload Extensions
Reconnects Mission Control with managed instances following an upgrade.
Removes the selected instance from Mission Control. Note that instance itself is not affected in any way; it is just not displayed in Mission Control

Actions menu

Adding an Instance

To add an Artifactory instance to Mission Control, click the button on the top right of the Mission Control Instance Browser.

Adding a new instance

For full details of the process, please refer to the Getting Started Tutorial.

Editing an Instance

To edit an Artifactory instance, select it in the Instance Browser and click Edit in the Actions menu.

Update the instance details as described in the Adding an Artifactory Instance tutorial, and click "Save"

General Tab

Displays general information about the Artifactory instance selected in the Instance Browser.

Instance Browser General Tab

Repositories Tab

The Repositories tab displays a full list of repositories in the selected Artifactory instance, and provides information on the type and number of artifacts in each repository.

To help you find a repository, you can just type its name in the filter field above the list.

Repositories Tab

Connections Tab

The connections tab provides a pictorial indication of the workflow  between Artifactory instances under your control by displaying the connections that repositories of the selected Artifactory instance have with repositories of other Artifactory instances.

In the context of Mission Control, a "connection" is either a replication or a remote proxy.


In the example above, the Connections tab shows that in the Artifactory instance named "cluster-124-10400":

  • the repository named "my-multi-push-replication-repo" has multipush replication configured to three other instances
  • the repository named "ddd" is a remote proxy to the "LocalMultipReplication1" on instance "cluster-124-10100", and also pull replicates that repository

System Info Tab

The System Info tab displays the full set of system properties and environment variables for the selected Artifactory instance.

System Info Tab

License Tab


The License Tab provides information on the license with which the Artifactory instance is activated:

Licensed To
The organization registered as owning the installed license
Valid Through
The date at which the license's validity will lapse.
License Type
Specifies if the license is Pro or Enterprise (HA)
License Hash
A hash code of the license

Mission Control License Tab

HA Tab

The HA tab provides information related to the HA configuration of the Artifactory instance

HA tab

The unique Artifactory server name
The fully qualified URL of the Artifactory server
The last time the server signaled that it is up and running.
The current state of the server.

For more details, please refer to  Managing the HA Cluster in the  Artifactory User Guide.

Creating a New Instance

When you create a new Artifactory instance in Mission Control, what you are actually doing is adding an existing, running instance of Artifactory to the list of instances that can be managed by Mission Control. 

A new instance can be created from the MC Instance Browser in the View module and the process is fully described in the Adding an Artifactory Instance tutorial.




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