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Elasticsearch is a highly scalable search and analytics engine. It is used to store and retrieve historical data for Artifactory services and their repositories, and provide it to Mission Control to display in its Graphs module as usage metrics.


JFrog Mission Control currently uses ElasticSearch version 5.6.



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How Elasticsearch is Packaged within Mission Control

Elasticsearch is packaged into the Mission Control installation. The following describes the different variations for each distribution package type: 

DockerElasticsearch for Docker is added as a Docker container to the Mission Control docker-compose project. This installs version 5.5.2.


Elasticsearch 5.6.2 is included in the Mission Control Debian project. Linux service files are added.
RPMElasticsearch 5.6.2 is included in the Mission Control RPM project. Linux service files are added.

Installation Structure

After Mission Control is fully installed, the Elasticsearch data files can be found in the following locations:

Data files

Linux: <JMFC_HOME>/elasticsearch/

Docker: <JMFC_HOME>/elasticsearch/



Elasticsearch uses the following communication ports:


Java Client



Indexes and Aliases

There are two aliases to store and retrieve data:

Alias NameDescription
active_insight_dataUsed point to active index to push data.
search_insight_dataUsed to search and retrieve data

On installation, these aliases and indices of format active_insight_data_timestamp* are created.

Index Cleanup

Mission Control is pre-configured to periodically cleanup indexes to keep data for a period of one year.

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