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JFrog Mission Control complies with the  JMX specification for MBeans allowing you to monitor a variety of different parameters of Mission Control using any JMX agent. These include:

  • Connected Artifactory instances with data on the storage they consume
  • Repositories within the connected instances and the storage they consume
  • Replication status for each repository

The rest of this section describes how to set up and use  JConsole to monitor Mission Control, however, any JMX agent should also work.


To get started, make sure that:

  • Your JAVA_HOME environment variable is correctly configured
  • $JAVA_HOME/bin is registered in your operating system's "path" variable
  • Mission Control is configured with one or more Artifactory instances



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Connecting JConsole

You can use any JMX compliant agent to connect to the Mission Control MBeans implementation. This section shows how to connect JConsole which should be included in your JDK installation under your $JAVA_HOME/bin directory.

  • To start up JConsole, enter jconsole on your command line
  • Scroll the Local Process window until you find the MissionControlApplication process and click "Connect"
    Connecting JConsole to Mission Control
  • Select the MBeans tab to display the MBeans hierarchy

Mission Control MBeans 

Mission Control MBeans are implemented in the following hierarchy

org.jfrog.mc.artifactory - the root node
| |-Artifactory                -Root of all Artifactory instances
| | |-<Instances>           - Node representing each instance
| | | |-<Repositories>     - Node representing each repository in the parent instance

The screenshot below shows details for an Artifactory instance called "Master" and one of its repositories called "ext-release-local"

Mission Control MBeans hierarchy

The following table describes the different MBeans implemented for Mission Control and the corresponding attributes you can monitor.


Instance storage

  • Free space

  • Used space

  • Total space

Instance status

  • Started up

  • Went down

Repository storage
  • File count
  • Used space
Replication status
  • Last completed replication date/time
  • Replication status
  • No labels