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Mission Control works with a number of third-party services including various databases. These include:

  • MongoDB - used for internal Mission Control operations
  • PostgreSQL - used for internal scheduler and other services
  • Elasticsearch - used to store historical data

The following sections show how to manage the configuration for these components.

Changing Database Credentials

Mission Control works with various databases which come pre-configured with default credentials for access by Mission Control. The following sections show how to change these default credentials.

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Mission control creates and uses three MongoDB databases for its operation as described in the following table:

Database nameuserpasswordrole

To change the default credentials for any of these databas, please use the following steps.

  1. Change the MongoDB password 
  2. Change the graph_core service password

  3. Update the Mission Control properties file with the new credentials
Changing the Password in MongoDB
# Access MongoDB as the each user above
$ mongo --port 27017 -u "jfrog_insight" -p "password" --authenticationDatabase "insight_CUSTOM_"
# Switch to the corresponding database above
$ use insight_CUSTOM_
# Update the credentials
$ db.updateUser("jfrog_insight",{pwd: "<new_password>"})
# Verify the update was successful by logging in with the new credentials
$ mongo --port 27017 -u "jfrog_insight" -p "<new_password>" --authenticationDatabase "insight_CUSTOM_"



Credentials must match

Note that the insight_CUSTOM_ and insight_team databases must always use the same username and password.

Changing the Password in the Graph_Core Service

Update the new credentials into the Mission Control service using the following REST API endpoint

# On the host running the services run the following command
$ curl 'localhost:8088/api/settings' -d 'action=set&key=integrations.mongodb.url&value=mongodb:27017' -X POST
Update the Mission Control Properties File 

On the host running the services run the following command:


$JFMC_HOME/etc/mission-control.properties, uncomment/set: 


The default credentials for the internal PostgresSQL database used by Mission Control is:

username: quartzdb

password: insight

To change the default credentials used by Mission control to access its internal PostgreSQL database, you need to log into the database as the "quartzdb" user and change the password as follows:

  1. Change the password in PostgreSQL
  2. Change the password in the scheduler service
Changing the Password in PostgreSQL
# Access PostgreSQL as the quartzdb user adding the optional -W flag to invoke the password prompt
$ psql -d quartzdb -U quartzdb -W
# Securely change the password for user "quartzdb". Enter and then retype the password at the prompt.
\password <new_password>
# Verify the update was successful by logging in with the new credentials
$ psql -d quartzdb -U quartzdb -W
Changing the Password in the Scheduler Service
# On the host running the services run the following command OR within the container (if you are using docker installation)
$cd $JFI_HOME_SCHEDULER/_MASTER_/data/contexts/settings/

$quartz.properties, uncomment/set:

org.quartz.dataSource.quartzDataSource.user = username
org.quartz.dataSource.quartzDataSource.password = password


Note: Make sure to change authentication settings in the pg_hba.conf to ensure the policies you need are set appropriately.


After Mission Control is fully installed, the Elasticsearch binaries and data files can be found under:


Mission Control currently uses Elasticsearch without x-pack, therefore, authentication is not needed to access the history database.

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