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As the centralized command and control center for all your Artifactory instances, we recommend maintaining a dormant copy of Mission Control that can quickly take over in case your main installation goes down for any reason. To facilitate rapid recovery capabilities, this page offers system backup procedures that keep your dormant copy updated in the background and ready to take over at a moment's notice. These procedures are based on frequently synchronizing the MC_HOME/etc and MC_HOME/data folders from your main Mission Control instance to your recovery instance during normal operation.

We recommend backing up the MC_HOME/etc folder

While not strictly required, we strongly recommend backing up the MC_HOME/etc folder so that Mission Control properties are also backed up and can be applied to the recovery instance.

Normal operation

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Then, in case of a failure on your main Mission Control installation, your administrator can quickly implement failover to the recovery instance by updating your DNS record, or modifying your load balancer configuration to point to your recovery instance. Once failover is complete and the recovery instance is operational, it then synchronizes any further changes in configuration back to the storage of the main instance so it can take over once the fault is remediated.


Backing Up for Rapid Recovery

Running with Docker

For an installation of Mission Control as a Docker image, data and configuration files are stored under the $MC_HOME  folder (whose default location is $HOME/.jfrog/jfmc). 

To enable fully functional recovery following a failure in Mission Control, you need to back up all content in this folder.

Non-Docker Installations

In non-Docker installations:

  • A data folder is set up (default location is /var/opt/jfrog/mission-control). 
  • User choices made during the installation are also stored in: /opt/jfrog/jfmc/scripts/setenv.sh

To enable fully functional recovery following a failure in Mission Control, you need to back up all content in the above mission-control folder and the setenv.sh file.

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