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From Mission Control version 3.0, local user management has been replaced with a central authentication mechanism using an Authentication Provider configured on an Artifactory service. 


  • JFrog Artifactory version 5.10.0.

  • The Artifactory service needs to be online to perform authentication at all times. If the Artifactory service is down, only the Mission Control Admin has access and can manage Mission Control.

The Authentication Provider supports:

  • User authentication to Mission Control via the Authentication Provider Artifactory service.

  • Users and groups that are created and managed in the Artifactory service.

  • Permissions that are created in Mission Control but are stored in the Authentication Provider.

Mission Control supports a set of dedicated permissions that are created by the admin Mission Control but are stored in the Artifactory Authentication Provider. Users with no Mission Control permissions can log in to Mission Control but will receive an error message stating they have no permissions to proceed. For more information, see Permissions.

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Authentication Provider 

The Authentication Provider is configured on a dedicated Artifactory prior to installing Mission Control and needs to be added to Mission Control as part of Mission Control onboarding wizard. 

The Authentication Provider can be changed under Admin menu Security | Authentication Provider. Once configured, you can then proceed to assign Permissions to users and groups that are managed by the Artifactory instance you set as the Authentication Provider.

Assigning the Authentication Provider During Onboarding

The Authentication Provider is configured within a step in the Mission Control Onboarding Wizard. The wizard appears when you launch Mission Control for the first time. If you are upgrading from a previous version to Mission Control Enterprise Plus, you can select an existing Artifactory service or in case of a new installation.


Selecting an Authentication Provider is mandatory and cannot be skipped in the wizard. Untill the Authentication Provider is set you will not be able to access Mission Contol and the wizard will continue to launch untill this task is completed.

Upgrading to Enterprise Plus preserves Predefined Services

When Upgrading to Enterprise Plus, Mission Control stores your existing Artifactory and Xray services. Starting Mission Control detects your existing services and displays the Artifactory services in the Onboarding Wizard.

In the Mission Control wizard:

  1. Create a new or select an existing Artifactory service.
  2. Add a license bucket to the service.
  3. Assign the Artifactory as the Authentication Provider. 

Viewing the Authentication Provider

In the Service view, the Artifactory service assigned as the Authentication Provider is tagged with a dedicated icon as displayed below.

Reassigning the Authentication Provider

You can reassign the Authentication Provider to a different Artifactory service. When you select a different Authentication Provider:

  • You need to recreate the permissions on the new Authentication Provider as the existing permissions on the previous Authentication Provider are not accessible.
  • The Mission Control admin permission is not deleted.
  • The Mission Control admin will need to recreate the permissions. 

Changing the Authentication Provider in JFrog Distribution and JFrog Xray

JFrog Distribution

When reassigning the authentication provider in Mission Control, JFrog Distribution services which were using that authentication provider do not get updated automatically.

You need to Reset the Authentication Provider Pairing as described in the JFrog Distribution User Guide.

JFrog Xray

JFrog Xray authentication provider is configured directly in Xray as described in Configuring an Authentication Provider in the JFrog Xray User Guide, therefore, changing the authentication provider in Mission Control will not have any effect on the authentication provider used for Xray.

Deleting an Authentication Provider is Denied

You can reassign an Authentication Provider to another Artifactory service but it can not be deleted.

To select a different Artifactory service as the Authentication Provider, in the Admin module select Security | Authentication Provider page and click Save.

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