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JFrog Mission Control 3.x Documentation
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File Structure  

After downloading and extracting the installer, the following file structure is created under the installation folder.


The installation script for specific Linux flavor (Debian/Centos)


A folder containing files necessary to configure 3rd party services like MongoDB, PHP-FPM, etc.


A folder containing the actual packages to install (deb or rpm files)


A folder containing scripts necessary to seed users/data into 3rd party services


A folder containing scripts necessary to migrate from earlier versions of Mission control

A file containing the version of the JFMC

Page Contents


Home Directory Files

The Mission Control home (/opt/jfrog/) directory will contain files necessary to start and stop all the micro-services associated with JFrog Mission Control

Mission Control service files
The Mission Control runtime JAR file
Log files (audit, system etc.)
Control scripts for Mission Control

Data Folder

The Mission Control data folder (usually, /var/opt/jfrog/mission-control) will contain files created and used by each of the micro-services.

Log Location

Logs are written into data folder (usually at /var/opt/jfrog/mission-control/logs) and log rotation is not enabled. It is recommended to turn on log rotation.

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