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Activating DR is the process of bringing the Target service into operation when the Master service is down or not available. Once activation is complete, an administrator needs to update the DNS or load balancer to point to the Target service.

Once this step is completed, your Artifactory users will continue to get service transparently without having to make any changes to their environments.

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Activating DR

To activate DR, from the Actions menu, click "Activate".

The following actions that occur during the activation process depend on whether the Master service is up or not:

Master service is up

  • Replication is globally disabled.

Master is down or was gracefully turned off

  • Mission Control issues a notification in the UI that the Target service is up and running; the Master service is displayed as being offline.
  • Replication is globally enabled on the Target service.

Disable Global Replication on Master

In case the master service is back online, you need to ensure that Replication in the Master service is globally disabled otherwise you run the risk of losing data.

This brings you to the Failover phase of the DR setup process in which the DR target is online, however is not yet receiving any network traffic.

At this point, your administrator needs to redirect traffic from the Master service by pointing your DNS or load balancer to the Target service on the DR environment. This change should not have any effect on the IP/DNS records that are configured on your Mission Control DR configurations. 

This concludes the "Activate" step of setting up DR. For the final step of setting up DR, please refer to Setting Up Disaster Recovery.

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