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In this step of establishing DR, you configure your DR replication Master and Target pairs. This determines which of your Artifactory services will be DR protected (the "Master" services), and which corresponding Artifactory services will be be used if any of the Master services go down (the "Target" services). 

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Configuring Master and Target Pairs

The Master and Target pairs you have configured are displayed in the Configuration module under DR.

To configure a new Master / Target pair click Create DR. 

Select the Artifactory services you wish to define as the Master and Target pair and click "Save".

Master and Target Artifactory version

Master and Target pairs must both be running Artifactory v4.7.2 or later and must both be running the same version.

Once you have configured a Target to a Master, you cannot modify this configuration. If you need to change the Target service configured for a Master, you need to delete the pair from the list and configure a new pair.

To proceed with the DR process, click the Control Panel icon (or anywhere on the DR line) to display the Disaster Recovery screen for the selected Master and Target pair.

The Disaster Recovery screen displays several panels in two separate tabs.

The Master-Target tab displays:

  • Master: Provides details about the Master service
  • Target: Provides details about the Target service
  • Log: Displays log file output

DR Control Panel

The Repositories tab displays the synchronization status of the corresponding repositories on the Master and Target services.

The Actions menu lets you refresh the Repositories table, perform a sync test, or proceed through the phases of DR (Init, Activate etc.)

Repositories Sync Status

Repository Key
A logical name for the service.

The service type. Artifactory or Xray.

Total used space for the repository.
Number of folders in the repository.
Number of files in the repository.
Metadata Files
Number of metadata files.
(Applicable only for Maven repositories)
Metadata Size
Size of metadata files.
(Applicable only for Maven repositories)

This concludes the "Configure" step of setting up DR. For the next steps of setting up DR, please refer to Setting Up Disaster Recovery.

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