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The Distribution service manages Release Bundles and their distribution processes, including release content, permission levels, and target destinations. For more information, see JFrog Distribution.

Resetting the Distribution Service

If the Distribution service was removed from Mission Control, you need to perform Distribution pairing. For more information, see Resetting Authentication Provider Pairing.

Adding the Distribution Service

  1. To add a service click Add Service from the Header or the Services module.
  2. Leave the User Name or Password fields empty.
  3. Click Test Connectivity.
  4. Click Add.

Logging into Distribution

Login to your newly added Distribution service with your Mission Control admin user.

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Viewing the Distribution Service

 To view the Distribution service, click on the service name or hover over it in the Service module and select the view icon

Mission Control will display details about the selected JFrog Distribution service. 

Indicates that this is a Distribution service
The version of the Distribution service
The URL at which the Distribution service can be accessed
The Site to which the Distribution service has been added
The running status of the Distribution service
Distribution Connections

Shows the Source and Target Artifactory services pairs that this Distribution service serves.

For each pair, you can see the Total number of attempts (over the last 7 days) to distribute release bundles from the corresponding Source to the Target service with details on the number of Successful and Failed attempts and the number of Errors that were generated.

Viewing Distribution Service Trends

Enterprise+ License Required

Viewing service trends requires an Enterprise+ license.

Distribution Over Time Trend

This Distribution Over Time trend displays the total number of distributions performed including completed and failed over the selected period according to the source Artifactory. For general information on Mission Control service trends, see Viewing Service Trends.

In the example above, the number of distributions over the last month was ten whereby six successfully completed and five failed. In addition, you can view the breakdown according to Edge services connected to a source Artifactory.

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