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Mission Control manages the Xray service. JFrog Xray works with JFrog Artifactory to perform universal analysis of binary software components at any stage of the application lifecycle providing radical transparency that leads to trust in your software. 

Viewing an Xray Service

To view a single Xray service, click on the service name or hover over it from the Service module and select the view icon.

The service page is displayed in two sections:

  1. The service details.
  2. The Artifactory services that are connected to this Xray service.


The logical name for the Artifactory service that Xray is scanning.
The URL of the scanned Artifactory service.
The version of the scanned Artifactory service.
Repository scan %

The percentage of the repositories scanned for the Artifactory service.

Build info scan %

The percentage of the Build info that was scanned for the service.

Viewing Xray Service Trends

Enterprise+ License Required

Viewing service trends requires an Enterprise+ license.

Severity Trend

The Severity trend displays the vulnerabilities detected according to the severity. For more information on Mission Control service trends, see Viewing Service Trends.

In example above, the total number of violations that were detected over the last month was 11.07K. The index under the title displays the color coding for each severity level and the table in the left pane show the breakdown according to vulnerability.



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