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Note: This space is for Artifactory 2.0.
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One of the major drawbacks of Maven is that it forces you to use clear text passwords in your settings.xml file.
This situation only gets worse if you use LDAP authentication integration, in which case you expose your SSO password in clear.

Artifactory provides a unique solution to this problem by generating for you an encrypted password using a secret key stored in Artifactory, making sure your shared password are never exposed as clear text.

Using Your Secured Password

Get into your profile page (click on your login name on the upper-right corner) and type-in your current password.
Once you enter a correct password you will see your password in the Encrypted Password field.
Copy this value (including the {...} prefix) or use the sample server xml snippet in your settings.xml (you'd have to change the server name to match the id of your repository).

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