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We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.1.3!

The major features and changes in this release are:

  • Hudson integration - Use the Hudson Artifactory Plugin to deploy builds to Artifactory from Hudson together with build-time information:
    View builds in Artifactory with information about the deployed artifacts and dependencies (all scopes) and runtime environment per build, and link back to Hudson to obtain fully-reproducible builds.
    Via paid add-on: Visual artifact/dependency views per build; Promote or export all build artifacts and dependencies; See where specific artifacts are used and receive warnings when required build dependencies are removed .
  • Logo branding - Customize your Artifactory UI with your own logo (uploaded or URL linked) and footer
  • Limit search to specific repositories
  • Faster searches

For a complete list of resolved issues in this version please see the JIRA.

Instructions for simple upgrade from previous versions can be found here.

The latest Artifactory user guide is available here.

Artifactory 2.1.3 is available for immediate download from JFrog's web site or directly from SourceForge.


The Artifactory Team @ JFrog

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