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We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.2.2!

This is a maintenance release for 2.2.1 that also adds a couple of new noticeable features to Artifactory:

  1. Checksum Validation for Uploaded Artifacts - Local repositories can now be assigned with a custom policy for validating the checksum of artifacts uploaded by client. You can tell Artifactory not to serve an artifact (return 404) until its checksum has been verified against the client's checksum.
  2. Queueing Concurrent Downloads of Same Remote Resource - Artifactory will avoid bursts of concurrent downloads requests for the same remote resource and will queue all requests except the first one to avoid download overwriting, timeouts and bandwidth exhausting.
  3. Move/Copy via REST API - Allowing arbitrary move/copy automation between paths and repositories, including metadata move/copy (requires the Artifactory Power Pack).
  4. Trigger Download REST API - Automate a remote artifact download with or without getting the content back to the client (requires the Artifactory Power Pack).
  5. Property-based Download - Request an artifact for download based on the existence of certain property value on it, including support for mandatory/non-mandatory values.
  6. Metdata Proxying - Ability to proxy remote artifacts with their metadata.
  7. System-wide Syntax Coloring Support - For XML, Java, Groovy files etc.
  8. Jar/Zip Content Browsing - In tree-view you can drill down into Jars and view files, sources and the Manifest content.
  9. View Java Source from Class - Ability to view the source of classes returned in search results or when browsing a Jar class that has a matching sources Jar in Artifactory.
  10. Better View of Dependent Build Artifacts - Faster and uses less memory (requires the Artifactory Power Pack).
  11. Hide Repository in Tree Browse - For users with no read permissions on any path in the repository.

Artifactory 2.2.2 is available for immediate download from JFrog's web site or directly from SourceForge.

Instructions for upgrading to 2.2.2 from previous versions can be found here.

For a complete list of resolved issues in this version please see the JIRA.

Enjoy Artifactory!

The Artifactory Team

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