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We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.3!

This release contains new features and improvements to Artifactory OSS and Artifactory Pro Power Pack, as well as important maintenance bug fixes and performance improvements.

Notable new features in this version are:

  1. License Control Add-on - A new Pro add-on that enables you to take full control over the licenses that are used by your third-party dependencies, as part of your builds. You can get immediate notifications about any libraries that violate your organization's license policy, so you can deal with licensing issues early on during development.
    This add-on integrates with Maven, Gradle and Ivy builds using the latest version of the Artifactory plugins for: Hudson, JetBrains' TeamCity and Atlassian's Bamboo.
    Watch this screencast for a demo of License Control in action.
  2. User Plugins - You can now extend Artifactory Pro with your own custom Groovy plugins. Using plugins you can schedule tasks, deploy artifacts, change resolution rules and download content, tend to any storage events etc. Plugin source files are redeployed on the fly during development, and can be edited and debugged in your favorite IDE.
  3. Atlassian Crowd Integration - Delegate authentication request to a Crowd server and get transparent SSO in a Crowd-enabled SSO environment (requires Pro).
  4. Repository List Browsing - A new lightweight browsing mode that resembles simple directory listing used by web servers. List browsing uses a unique URL prefix, which allows you to restrict public access only to it in a front-end web server.
  5. Repository Admin via REST - A new API that enables creating, updating and deleting all repository types via REST (requires Pro).
  6. Automatic Gradle and Ivy Client Settings - Generate Ivy and Gradle setting for resolution and deployment directly from the UI (to complete the Maven settings generator).
  7. Tomcat 7 Compatibility - Artifactory is now compatible with Tomcat 7.

Artifactory Pro 2.3 free trial is available for immediate download.
The Artifactory OSS 2.3 is available from JFrog's web site or directly from SourceForge.

Instructions for upgrading to 2.3 from previous versions can be found here.

For a complete list of resolved issues in this version please see the JIRA.

Enjoy Artifactory!

The Artifactory Team

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