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We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory!

This version of Artifactory adds Java 7 compatibility to Artifactory!

Disabling HotSpot Loop Optimizations

Due to critical Hotspot bugs in the first Java 7 release(s) (7070134, 7044738 & 7068051), it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to run Artifactory with the following Hotspot flag in order to avoid JVM crashes and/or Lucene index corruption:


Using this flag may not be necessary in future Java 7 releases.

Artifactory Pro free trial is available for immediate download.
The Artifactory OSS is available from JFrog's web site or directly from SourceForge.

Instructions for upgrading to from previous versions can be found here.

Please Note: Due to a minor bug, the artifactory.log file may contain the following warning after upgrading Artifactory to You can safely ignore this warning.

[art-init] [WARN ] (o.a.v.ArtifactoryVersionReader:102) - Version is not an official release version. The closest revision to 13021 will be used to determine the current version.

Enjoy Artifactory!

The Artifactory Team

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