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We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.4!

What's New in this Release

This major release of Artifactory introduces the following new features and changes:

  1. YUM Repositories and RPM Provisioning - Artifactory can now act as a fully-featured YUM repository, including auto-updating repo metadata and RPM detailed view directly from the Artifactory UI.
  2. P2 Repositories - Artifactory can be your single access point for all Eclipse® updates. Eclipse plugins proxying and hosting take advantage of Artifactory's exiting advanced caching and security controls.
  3. Major Performance Improvements - in storage management, CPU and memory utilization and search speeds
  4. Security is Fully Manageable via REST API
  5. User Regexp Tokens in Repository Layouts - You can now add your own custom regexp-based tokens to repository layout definitions for better module identification.
  6. New additions to the Artifactory Public API for User Plugins (move, copy, search, not downloaded since, etc.)
  7. Usability improvements and many bug fixes

Before Upgrading - Important, Please Read This (warning)

  1. Plan for an Upgrade Downtime - This major release involves storage-related changes, so while the upgrade process itself automatically runs from start to finish (as always), it will take some time for it to complete.
    The time between starting up Artifactory after upgrading and having it ready to serve requests can vary, depending of the size of your repository, but it is considerably longer compared to previous updates.
    It is important that you run this upgrade while taking downtime into account.
  2. Java 6 is Required - Artifactory no longer runs on Java 5 and now requires Java 6. This enables us to improve the Artifactory codebase and use up-to-date dependencies that require Java 6.
  3. XML Search is Disabled by Default - XML context indexing (and thus, searching) incurs some performance overhead and has been made optional.
    If you'd like to keep using this feature you will need to opt-in and enable XML searches. It is important that you do this before upgrading Artifactory, since newly created XMLs will not be indexed until XML indexing is enabled. Please see the details on how to do this on the XML Search page.

Artifactory Pro 2.4 free trial is available for immediate download.
The Artifactory OSS 2.4 is available from JFrog's web site or directly from SourceForge.

Instructions for upgrading to 2.4 from previous versions can be found here.

For a complete list of resolved issues in this version please see the JIRA.

Enjoy Artifactory!

The Artifactory Team

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