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We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.6.6!

Important features and changes in this version:

  1. Per-file License DiscoveryYou can now manually trigger a license scan per-artifact from the tree browser. This allows you to auto-attach license information to artifacts outside the context of a CI build.
  2. SAML SSO SupportLogin to the Artifactory UI can now be integrated with any SAML IdP (Identity Provider). Artifactory now acts as a SAML Service Provider.
  3. Bintray IntegrationFreely distribute your release artifacts and share them with the world via the Bintray service (currently in Beta). You can upload individual binaries or build artifacts to Bintray directly from Artifactory.
  4. Build Diff RESTCompare two builds for their published artifacts, used dependencies and environment using the REST API.
  5. Running Plugin Code as System: It is now possible to execute selected plugin code blocks under an unrestricted system role, by using the 'asSystem{}' closure.
  6. Property Events in PluginsNew storage callbacks are available that allow plugin developers to intercept property change events. 
  7. Bug fixes and performance improvements

For a complete list of resolved issues please see the JIRA release notes.

Artifactory Pro 2.6.6 free trial is available for immediate download.
The Artifactory OSS 2.6.6 is available from JFrog's web site or directly from SourceForge.

Instructions for upgrading to 2.6.6 from previous versions can be found here

Enjoy Artifactory! 

The Artifactory Team

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