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We are excited to announce the major release of Artifactory 3!

21 April 2013

JFrog announces the release of the third major version of its flagship product, Artifactory, The Binaries Repository Manager. This release delivers a huge performance boost and a fresh user interface.

Four years following Artifactory 2, the Artifactory 3 major release is available to all users (Open-source, Pro and SaaS versions).

Major Performance Boost

All the common usage scenarios such as checksum-based storage, binaries promotion, mirroring, repository management and remote proxying have been optimized for speed. Depending on a particular usage scenario Artifactory 3 performs x10 to x100 times faster than Artifactory 2.x! On top of that, Artifactory 3 also has a considerably lower memory footprint.

We have reimplemented from scratch the underlying metadata storage (retiring Jackrabbit, which has served us well for the last 4 years).  With this change, Artifactory utilizes SQL and relational databases in a unique way, significantly improving CI build performance over competitors and previous versions of Artifactory.

User Interface Changes

The user interface has also undergone a facelift, providing a bright, clean and uncluttered display for users.

Black Duck Code Center Integration

In addition, the Artifactory 3 now supports BlackDuck Code-Center integration for open source license governance and vulnerability control.

Remote Searches with Bintray Integration

Artifactory users can now search for remote artifacts and get information about latest OSS releases from

Uses Tomcat 7 as the Default Container

Further, default distribution uses Tomcat 7 with both the RPM and the standalone versions of Artifactory.

System Requirements

Artifactory 3.0 requires Java 7

Supported Databases

  • Derby (embedded - zero configuration)
  • Oracle version 10g and above
  • MySQL version 5.5 and above with InnoDB
  • PostgreSQL is supported from version 3.0.2 and above
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and above

Removed / Obsolete

We have discontinued support for XML Metadata, including related user plugin methods and REST API

XML XPath search

Sync resource REST API 

Installation and Upgrade Instructions

For detailed installation instructions please refer to our user guide 

Upgrading from 2.x versions requires only a simple process of exporting and then importing the current repository data.

For detailed upgrade instructions please refer to our upgrade guide


For a complete list of bug fixes and improvements in this version please see the JIRA Release Notes 

Enjoy Artifactory!

JFrog Artifactory Team  


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