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February 9, 2014

We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 3.1.1

This minor release contains many improvements and bug fixes as well as a few new features.

Main Updates

Servlets API

This version requires a servlet container that supports Servlets API v3.0. For an updated list of supported servlet containers please refer to Deploying on Servlet Containers - Done

This release includes the following main updates:

  1. New administrator page to Monitor Storage
  2. NuGet feed and download now works even if the remote repository is offline
  3. New REST API allows you to search for the latest artifact version based on the value assigned to the "version" property 
  4. New REST API  that allows you to Get, Set, Update or Delete a repository configuration for replication
  5. Major performance boost with the new connection pool

  6. Selected RPM metadata is added as properties
  7. Error responses from REST API calls are now returned in JSON format
  8. Black Duck Code Center integration improved 
  9. Property values with up to 4000 characters are now supported
  10. Improved the performance of local/cache repository replication
  11. Support for the forthcoming JDK 8

Version also fixes the following security vulnerability: 

  1. Security vulnerability due to  XStream CVE-2013-7285 

For a complete list of changes please refer to our JIRA Release Notes.

Artifactory HA users please note: This version contains changes that are not backwards compatible and upgrading requires a full cluster restart.


Click to download Artifactory Pro Free Trial.

Click to download Artifactory OSS version.

Installation and Upgrade

For installation instructions please refer to Installing Artifactory.

To upgrade to this release from your current installation please refer to Upgrading Artifactory.

(lightbulb) To receive automatic notifications whenever there is a new release of Artifactory, please watch us on Bintray.

Enjoy Artifactory! 
The Artifactory Team

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