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February 4, 2015

We are pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 3.5.1!

This is a minor update that provides improvements in Artifactory adding support for the Oracle Maven Repository and opening Artifactory Query Language for regular authenticated users (who are not administrators).

Main Updates

This release includes the following main updates:

  1. Support for the Oracle Maven Repository 
  2. Use of Artifactory Query Language REST API is available for regular authenticated users

For a complete list of changes please refer to our JIRA Release Notes.

Artifactory HA users please note: This version contains changes that are not backwards compatible, so upgrading requires a full cluster restart.


Click to download Artifactory Pro Free Trial.

Click to download Artifactory OSS version.

Installation and Upgrade

For installation instructions please refer to Installing Artifactory.

To upgrade to this release from your current installation please refer to Upgrading Artifactory.

(lightbulb) To receive automatic notifications whenever there is a new release of Artifactory, please watch us on Bintray.

Enjoy Artifactory! 
The Artifactory Team

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