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You can access the General Configuration settings of Artifactory in the Admin tab under Configuration | General.

Saving changes

Any changes you make must be saved in order for them to take effect.

General Settings

The fields under General Settings allow you to set up various global parameters in Artifactory.  The ? icon next to each field provides a detailed description of the field. Fields marked with a red star are mandatory.  

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General Settings

The General Settings fields are as follows: 

Server Name (mandatory)

The name of the server to be displayed on the title of each page.

Custom URL Base

By default, URLs generated in Artifactory use the context URL returned by your servlet container as a base.
A custom URL base is useful when Artifactory is running behind a proxy. In this case the base for URLs generated in Artifactory for links and redirect responses must be specified manually.

Another reason to change the base URL would be to have non-request-based operations in Artifactory use the correct address, for example in generated emails.

File Upload Max Size

Maximum size allowed for files uploaded via the web interface.

Date Format (mandatory)

The date format for displaying dates in the web interface.

Global Offline Mode

When checked, Artifactory will behave as if it is not connected to an external network (such as the internet), and therefore, will not query remote repositories (regardless of the offline status of any specific remote repository).

Look and Feel Settings (Branding)

In the Look and Feel Settings you can configure Artifactory to present your company logo in the top left corner of the screen and customize the footer text.

You may either upload an image to be used locally, or reference a remote image URL.

Look and Feel Settings

Logo URL

The URL to your company logo image at a remote location.

Logo File

Select the "Choose file" button to upload your company logo image file.

Logo file upload

The uploaded logo file is copied into the ARTIFACTORY_HOME/etc/ui folder.

Additional Footer Text

Enter any free text that you would like to add to the footer.


Add-on Settings

When checked, information about add-ons that have been made available due to installation of the Artifactory Pro Power Pack is displayed in the Artifactory user interface

  1. The Server ID is used to activate the Artifactory Add-ons Power Pack on the current Artifactory server. You can leave it unchecked when using the open source version and no add-ons are installed.
  2. You can decide whether or not to show available add-ons information in Artifactory for add-ons you do not have installed.
    Available add-on information typically looks like this:
    Add-on Settings
    As an admin, you can decide whether or not users see Add-on information. 

Show Available Add-ons Info

Setting this checkbox overrides any previous user-specific preference for hiding Add-ons information (you can change this setting later if you wish).


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