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Smart searches allow you to manage your artifacts by searching and performing bulk operations on search results.

This allows natural and easy support for items such as artifact promotion and procurement flows.

Artifactory allows you to save a search result, then use additional searches to add/remove new results from the original result.  Effectively, you are assembling a 'shopping cart' of artifacts, which you can then manipulate as one unit - move, copy, export, annotate etc.

For example, you can search all artifacts deployed by a certain build (by build number), remove from the search results all the sources (by making another search) and promote it to a public repository.  Alternatively, you can search all POMs containing a specific license and move them to a repository of approved artifacts, or attach an "approved" property to them.

From Staging to Promotion

For more detailed information about using Smart Searches for powerful, yet simple, promotion support please see this blog entry.

For a short demo of this, please watch the following screencast: