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Watch the Screencast

Resources used in the screencast

  • The JavaFX Maven Plugin provided by JFrog has it's own documentation page.
  • The personal test PKS ( file) was done using the java keytool:

    keytool -keystore -keypass password -storepass password -alias acme-demo \
    -genkeypair -dname "cn=Acme Dev, ou=r&d, o=ACME, S=United States, c=US" -validity 365
  • The FishSim demo subversion is here.
  • You can test this Add-on for free (no questions asked) for 30 days, with the two main repositories required (jfrog plugins, jfrog libs), using Artifactory Online.

How to build FishSim

If you are not using Artifactory as illustrated in the screencast, you can activate the profile "jfrog" to access the required resources. This enables build running "mvn -Pjfrog install" to work.

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