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Smart search is a feature that allows you to assemble a custom set of artifacts returned by a series of separate searches actions. This is done by saving search results in a Stash.

The Stash provides easy access to artifacts found without having to run the series of searches again, and also provides a convenient way to perform bulk operations on the result set using the Stash Browser

Using the Stash you can save a search result, then use additional searches to add, remove and intersect new results with the original result.  Effectively, you are assembling a 'shopping cart' of artifacts, which you can then manipulate as one unit.

For example, you can search for all artifacts deployed by a certain build (by build number), remove all the sources from the search results (by running another search) and promote the final result set to a public repository.  Or, you can search all POMs containing a specific license and move them to a repository of approved artifacts, or attach an "approved" property to them.

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Saving Search Results in the Stash

To save search results after running a search, click Stash Results. To save only a subset of the search results, first select the items you want to save and then click Stash Results. If you don't select any items, the whole result set will be saved.

Stash search results

Once you have items stored in the stash, Artifactory displays the number of items stored and offers several actions you can perform.

Search stash actions


This displays the Stash Browser showing all items currently stored in the stash


Remove all items from the stash


Add: Adds to the stash items found in the current result set that are not already stored in the stash

Subtract: Items found in the current search result set, that are also in the stash, are subtracted (i.e. removed) from the stash

Intersect: Items that are in the intersection of the current search results and the current stash contents are kept in the stash. All other items are removed.

Stash Browser

The stash browser displays all items that are in the stash. You can browse through the items and view relevant information corresponding to the item type just like you would in the Tree Browser

Stash browser actions on items

 If you select one of the items in the stashed search results tree, the specific information panel relevant to the selected item is displayed. The Actions available are:

Delete the item.
Discard from Stash
Remove the item from the stash without deleting it.
Show in Tree
Display the item in the Artifact Tree Browser.
View the contents of the file
Download the artifact or folder


If you are on the root Stashed Search Results item, you can perform bulk actions on all the contents of the stash at once.

Actions on the stash browser

Copy Stash to RepositoryCopies the entire stash contents to a repository
Move Stash to RepositoryMove the entire stash contents from their current location to a repository
Discard search resultsRemoves all items from the stash without deleting them.

On the root Stashed Search Results item you can also perform an export of the entire stash in the same way you would export a repository.

To go back to the Artifacts Tree Browser, click Back to Repository Browser.

From Staging to Promotion

For more detailed information about using Smart Searches for powerful, yet simple, promotion support please see this blog entry.

For a short demo of this, please watch the following screencast:

A screencast using Version 4 is coming soon...