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JFrog Artifactory 6.x User Guide

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As a universal artifact repository, Artifactory not only supports all major packaging formats, it is also integrated with all major build tools and CI servers currently available. In addition, Artifactory is tightly integrated with additional JFrog products such as JFrog Bintray, JFrog Mission Control and JFrog Xray.

Build Tool PluginsResolve artifacts through Artifactory and deploy build artifacts to repositories in Artifactory transparently with all common build tools like Maven, Gradle, Ivy and SBT.
CI System PluginsDeploy your build artifacts into Artifactory directly from industry standard CI servers such as Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo and TFS/MSBuild.
JFrog BintrayIntegrate with JFrog Bintray Universal Distribution for a fully automated software delivery pipeline, end-to-end.
JFrog Mission Control JFrog Mission Control provides universal repository management providing you with a centralized dashboard to manage all your enterprise Artifactory instance.
JFrog Xray JFrog Xray provides universal artifact analysis for software artifacts, and reveals a variety of issues at any stage of the software application lifecycle.
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