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Artifactory Pro brings the universal nature of Artifactory to full force with advanced package management for all major packaging formats in use today. As the only repository with a unique architecture that includes a filestore layer and a separate database layer, Artifactory is the only repository manager that can natively support current package formats as well as any new format that may arise from time to time. With a paradigm of single-type-repositories, all repositories are assigned a type upon creation allowing efficient indexing to allow any client or dependency manager to work directly with Artifactory transparently as its natural repository.

Artifactory Pro currently supports the following package formats with new formats added regularly as the need arises.

Boost your front end development by hosting your own Bower components and proxying the Bower registry in Artifactory.
Enhance your capabilities for configuration management with Chef using all the benefits of a repository manager.
Speed up development with Xcode and CocoaPods with fully fledged CocoaPods repositories.
Artifactory is the only secure, private repository for C/C++ packages with fine-grained access control.
Host and provision Debian packages complete with GPG signatures.
Host your own secure private Docker registries and proxy external Docker registries such as Docker Hub.
Optimize your workflow when working with large media files and other binary resources.
Manage your Helm Charts in Artifactory and gain control over deployments to your Kubernetes cluster.
Artifactory is both a source for Maven artifacts needed for a build, and a target to deploy artifacts generated in the build process.
Host your own node.js packages, and proxy remote npm repositories like through Artifactory.
Host and proxy NuGet packages in Artifactory, and pull libraries from Artifactory into your various Visual Studio .NET applications.
Optimize your work with OpenWrt using Opkg repositories. Proxy the official OpenWrt repository and cache remote .ipk files.
Proxy and host all your Eclipse plugins via an Artifactory P2 repository, allowing users to have a single-access-point for all Eclipse updates.
PHP Composer
Provision Composer packages from Artifactory to the Composer command line tool, and access Packagist and other remote Composer metadata repositories.
Configuration management meets repository management with Puppet repositories in Artifactory.
Host and proxy PyPI distributions with full supportforpip.
Distribute RPMs directly from your Artifactory server, acting as fully-featured YUM repository.

Use Artifactory to host your own gems and proxy remote gem repositories like

Resolve dependencies from and deploy build output to SBT repositories when running SBT builds.
Securely host your Vagrant boxes in local repositories.
Consume source files packaged as binaries.
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