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Artifactory Pro exposes a full set of capabilities that takes you beyond basic repository management to include advanced features for security, build integration, replication, advanced search, automation through a REST API and more.

Artifactory Query LanguageA simple way to formulate complex queries that can find artifacts based on any number of search criteria.
Black Duck Code Center integrationAutomate security and license governance of open source components and software.
Filtered ResourcesProvision common settings and configuration to clients by turning any textual artifact into a dynamic template based on request parameters, current user identity and artifact properties.
GPG SigningManage signing key pairs so you can sign packages in different formats for authentication.
JFrog CLIA simple interface that automates access to Artifactory through a compact and smart client.
LDAP GroupsSynchronize your LDAP groups with Artifactory and leverage your existing organizational structure to manage group-based permissions.

License Control

Manage and control your organization's licensing policies for third-party dependencies used by your software.
PropertiesAnnotate your artifacts and folders with fully-searchable properties.
Repository LayoutsDefine the layout by which software modules areindentifiedin your repository for automatic cleanup of old versions and cross-repository layout conversion.
Repository ReplicationActively synchronize your repository content and metadata with remote Artifactory repositories using pull or push replication.
REST APIAutomate your repository management and release life-cycle with a powerful REST API.
Smart SearchSave search results in a stash browser for easy access and perform bulk operations on the result set.

Integrate with SSO infrastructures such as Apache HTTPd, Atlassian Crowd and SAML.

User PluginsExtend Artifactory by plugging in your own custom Groovy scripts.
WatchesWatch selected artifacts, folders, or repositories for any event , and receive email notifications on changes that are interesting to you.
Webstart and JAR SigningManage signing keys and sign JAR files for use with Java Web Start

Enterprise Features

When activated with an enterprise license, JFrog Artifactory Pro offers and additional set of features to meet the high-end needs for repository management in larger enterprises.

Filestore ShardingImplement a sharded filestore for a flexible filestore that offers unmatched stability, unlimited scalability and optimized performance.
Google Cloud StorageLet your Artifactory filestore reside with GCS for unlimited scalability, security and disaster recovery capabilities.
High AvailabilityDeploy Artifactory in a high availability configuration to maximize uptime (up to five-nines availability), manage heavy loads and minimize maintenance downtime.
Multi-push ReplicationReplicate a repository to multiple remote sites simultaneously.
S3 Object StorageManage your filestore on the cloud with any S3 compliant provider such as Amazon S3.



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