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JFrog Artifactory 6.x User Guide

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Artifactory provides a set of tools that allow you to monitor and maintain your system to keep it running and responsive:

  • System Information lets you examine the various properties and parameters of your system at runtime and is a valuable resource when investigating any issues that may arise.
  • You can monitor storage to view the number of artifacts and physical files in your system as well as the amount of space that they occupy.
  • Log files let you monitor all the activity that has occurred in your system
  • JMX Beans let you monitor repositories, executor pools and storage
  • You can configure regular, periodic maintenance operations to manage resource allocation and free up disk space 
  • You can define a regimen for complete system backup
  • You can import and export data both at system level and repository level
  • You can monitor activity related to a specific artifact by defining a watch

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