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Artifactory Pro exposes an extensive set of capabilities on top of the core repository management features that are available to you from Artifactory Open Source:

Pro and Enterprise FeaturesA wide range of features to support the needs for enterprise artifact management including security, high availability, replication, advanced search and more

Package Management

Full support for all major package formats and dependency managers
Ecosystem IntegrationIntegration with the build ecosystem and additional JFrog products
CI Server IntegrationIntegration with all major CI servers

Comparing ArtifactoryPro , Artifactory OSS and Artifactory Online

To compare the features and services offered by each version of Artifactory please refer to the Artifactory Version Comparison Matrix to see which version of  Artifactory best fits your needs.

For more information please contact


If you need a license, please visit the JFrog website and either  purchase a license or request an evaluation license.

Once you submit the corresponding form, a download link will be provided to you by email.

You may also access the latest version through the  Artifactory Pro Download Site.

Installation and Upgrade

Performing a clean installation of Artifactory Pro is identical to installing Artifactory OSS. Please refer to Installing Artifactory.

To upgrade from a previous version of Artifactory Pro or Artifactory OSS, please refer to Upgrading Artifactory.

Data is preserved when upgrading from Artifactory OSS to Artifactory Pro

For a standalone installation, to upgrade an instance of Artifactory OSS to Artifactory Pro of the same version you only need to replace the artifactory.war file and enter a valid license key. All data stored in Artifactory is preserved in the process.

Once you have entered a valid Artirfactory Pro license key, all Artifactory Pro features will be available with the same settings and content you had on the Artifactory OSS version from which you upgraded.

Activating Artifactory Pro

Whether you have requested an evaluation of Artifactory Pro, or have purchased a license, your license key is provided in the same email that contains the download link sent to you.

Your Artifactory administrator should enter the license key into the corresponding field in the Admin module under Configuration | Register License.


You must be an Artifactory administrator in order to access the License Key field.

Using encrypted passwords

If you are using encrypted passwords with an IBM JDK/JRE, you may encounter encryption restrictions. For details please refer to Using Your Secure Password.

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