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JFrog Bintray Sunset

As of July 4th, 2021, JFrog Bintray will no longer be supported and will be replaced with a set of advanced JFrog Cloud hosting solutions that are based on Artifactory's enhanced capabilities that include a set of dedicated features for managing, controlling and distributing your software packages. 

To streamline the productivity of the JFrog Platform we will be sunsetting Bintray (including JCenter), GoCenter, and ChartCenter services. Users of these services will need to migrate to the respective canonical repository, and we will continue to offer both free and paid JFrog Platform cloud subscriptions that can serve other binary distribution needs. Additionally, JFrog is partnering with hubs like Docker to help ensure that infrastructure our customers and community depend upon is well maintained. To learn more, click JFrog Bintray Migration Guide.

As part of Artifactory's integration with Bintray information about components stored in Bintray is fetched and displayed in the Tree Browser under Package Information.

To view Bintray Package Information:

  • You need to be logged in
  • You need to have the Bintray user and API Key configured in your Artifactory profile.  
  • The selected file type is supported (e.g., pom, jar, war, ear) 
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Bintray Package Information

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