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From Artifactory version 6.23.31, Artifactory uses the Redhat UBI Micro base image to provide a more secure base image for JFrog products. 

Some of the tools that were previously available in the JFrog products image are not available in this image to mitigate security risks. Using the Redhat UBI Micro base image reduces the attack surface of JFrog products. It also allows for better quality control of the tools available in the JFrog products base image.

You can view the packages available with the Redhat UBI Micro base image here.

In addition to the built-in packages, the JFrog products base image includes the following packages:

  • net-tools
  • cronie
  • findutils
  • shadow-utils
  • curl
  • tar
  • zip
  • hostname
  • procps
  • gawk
  • libstdc++
  • JDK 11.0.11+9

If you want to use other debug tools, download from external sources or to /var/opt/jfrog/<product>. Ensure that you extract and run the tools from within /var/opt/jfrog/<product>.

Previously, the following packages were available in the JFrog products container image:

  • base-files
  • ca-certificates
  • dash
  • db-util
  • db5.3-util
  • fonts-dejavu-core
  • fontconfig-config
  • libc6
  • libc-bin
  • libdb5.3
  • libexpat1
  • libfontconfig1
  • libfreetype6
  • libgcc1
  • libgomp1
  • libgcrypt20
  • libgpg-error0
  • liblz4-1
  • liblzma5
  • libncurses6
  • libpcre3
  • libpng16-16
  • libprocps7
  • libselinux1
  • libssl1.1
  • libsystemd0
  • libtinfo6
  • ncurses-base
  • netbase
  • openssl
  • tzdata
  • zlib1g
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