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List of modifications and versions for the PCF Tile specifically. Latest Documentation for the PCF tile is available on the pivotal documentation page.


Version 1.0.32

General Availability Release 28-Jun-2016.

Features included in this release:

* Uses JFrog Artifactory Enterprise edition 4.8.2
* requires stemcell 3232.8

Version 1.0.1

General Availability Release 20-Jan-2016.

Features included in this release:

* General Availability release
* Uses JFrog Artifactory Enterprise edition 4.4.2
* Highly available JFrog configuration out of the box with 2 VMs
* Uses external MySQL service
* Can use an external NFS, or a built-in NFS server which can be provisioned with PCF
* Removed requirement for a 'healthcheck' user required in betas
* Requires stemcell 3146.3

Artifactory 4.4.2  Stemcell 3146.3

Page Contents

Version 0.6.10

Third beta release.  Fixes a compatibility issue with versions of ops manager past 1.4.  

Artifactory 4.2.0  Stemcell 3130

Version 0.6.1

Second beta release.  Now has the ability to configure an NFS mount.  If the tab is left blank, it will generate an NFS mount with bosh.  If you are specifying an external NFS release, you should go to 'Resource Config' and set the number of NFS server instances to 0.  Note that to use an external NFS, it may require no-root-squash be enabled to function correctly.

Artifactory 4.1.3

Version 0.5.8

First MVP version

Artifactory 4.1.3

Testing this broken link

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