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A release bundle plays a central role in the distribution flow. It specifies the different files and packages that comprise a release, along with their metadata, and is created and managed in JFrog Distribution. Release bundles are generally distributed from a source Artifactory instance to an Artifactory Edge node. 

Since all the files specified in a release bundle are required to keep the release coherent, a release bundle is immutable. Effectively, this means that once a file has been included in a release bundle, it cannot be deleted from the Edge node where it is hosted. 

Creating Release Bundles

For more details on release bundles and how to create them, please refer to Release Bundles in the JFrog Distribution User Guide.

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Viewing Release Bundles

To view release bundles in the source Artifactory and the Edge Nodes, select the Release Bundles module.

  • The Received tab contains the release bundles received by an Artifactory Edge.
  • The Distributable tab contains the release bundles that have been signed by Distribution and are ready to be distributed from a source Artifactory to an Edge node.
    *Available from Artifactory version 6.5 and Distribution version 1.3.

Click the name of a release bundle to drill down and view its details.

The Release Bundles Details screen is divided into four panels:

  • The Versions panel displays all versions of the selected release bundle that have been replicated over to the Edge node. 
  • The horizontal panel along the top displays basic information about the selected version.
  • The List of artifacts panel displays the full list of files included in the selected release bundle version.
  • The artifact details. Select a file to see its details in the panel on the right.

AQL Search for Release Bundles

To search for release bundles in an Artifactory Edge node, you can use the release and release_artifact domains introduced to AQL in Artifactory 6.0. For details, please refer to Entities and Fields.

Release Bundles Repository

The Release bundle repository protects the artifacts created in the Artifactory source instance, by copying them into a separate repository where their contents cannot be edited or removed. 

Whenever a new release bundle is created and signed from within Distribution, it is copied and saved into this immutable release-bundles repository in the source Artifactory. This ensures consistency in the artifacts being distributed among target instances.

Release bundles are stored with the following naming convention: {bundle name}/{bundle version}/{target path}

*Available from Artifactory version 6.5 and Distribution version 1.3.

Creating a Release Bundles Repository

The release-bundles repository is automatically created and used by default. However, users can create additional repositories with their own naming conventions that can also be used for distributing release bundles.

To create a new release bundles repository, open the Distribution Repositories page from the Admin module under Repositories | Distribution.

Common Basic Settings

The following are fully described in the Common Settings page.

  • Repository Key
  • Public Description
  • Internal Notes
  • Include and Exclude Patterns

Deleting a Release Bundle

Before Deleting a Release Bundle

For consistency across Artifactory and Distribution, it is highly recommended to delete release bundles directly from JFrog Distribution, and not from Artifactory.

Deletion directly from the source Artifactory should be done only in rare cases where there is no access to the Distribution system.

To protect the release bundle, individual artifacts can not be deleted from it. To delete a release bundle from the UI, hover over a version and click delete.

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