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The official web site of Stellarium for Java or S4J is here and the sourceforge project here.

The JIRA bug report project for S4J is here.

Subversion read only browsing is here, and the viewvc is here, and the official sourceforge here

The Web resources are here

Deployed versions 

We have now 2 versions of the JNLP file. One with the big resources zip downloaded beforehand, and one were all resources are downloaded on demand from the web.

They are called respectively Standalone and Web version.

For the moment the Stellarium4Java WebStartversion needs Java 6 and is deployed on Sourceforge only.

The on going development version is here: Standalone (big download), Web (Download on demand).

Should works now but if stuck, please close and retry, it will fill the local file cache. If any ptroblem please activate the java console like shown and send the log in Jira.
The first version 1.0.0 is here:  To be release soon

The previous big download version is here (sourceforge) and here ( 

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