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JFrog Xray is open for integration with any number of issue and vulnerability providers and pre-configured with a number of providers out-of-the-box. In addition, you can connect to additional issue and vulnerability feeds if you have accounts with the corresponding providers. The Integrations screen in the Admin module displays the integrations you have configured and connected to.


To add a new integration, click "Add Integration". The button will be disabled if all integrations currently available in the system have already been configured.

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The Add Integration dialog shows all available integrations you can connect to. Select the provider you wish to connect to from the list of icons displayed.

Add Integration

To connect to a provider, set the Enabled checkbox and enter the following parameters:

  • The API Key you received from the provider
  • The Test URL you can use to test your API key with the provider using the "Test" button.
  • The URL Xray uses to check if a component it is scanning is registered with the provider. 


Aqua Security offers a comprehensive security solution for containerized environments. If you have an account with Aqua, you may enable this feed, enter your Aqua API key, the URL of your on-prem Aqua installation and the test URL.

Aqua integration


WhiteSource offers a security and license management solution for your open source components.  If you have an account with WhiteSource, you may enable this feed and enter your WhiteSource API key, URL and Test URL.

Whitesource integration

Black Duck

Black Duck offers an enterprise-grade solution to automate the process of securing, managing, and ensuring license compliance for open source software in applications and containers. If you are a Black Duck customer, you may enable this feed by purchasing the standard Hub edition with the security module, enter the provided Black Duck API key, the URL of your Black Duck installation and the test URL to start using Black Duck data within Xray.

Black Duck integration



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