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JFrog Xray is available as both an on-prem and cloud solution.


Once you have completed download and installation, it's very easy to get started with Xray by going through the Onboarding Wizard.


Once you have your Xray instance up and running on the cloud, get started by defining a policy and creating a watch.

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Onboarding Wizard

After installing Xray on-prem, access Xray and log in as an admin user. After this first login, you will be guided through a short onboarding wizard to make sure you have the minimal parameters needed to run Xray with the following steps:

Onboarding - Welcome

Onboarding - Basic Configuration

Onboarding - License

Welcome: The beginning of the onboarding wizard. Click Next to get started.

Basic Configuration: Define the Xray Base URL through which Xray will be accessed, and configuration for your proxy server if you have one.

Note that the Xray Base URL should not be defined as "localhost", or "", and should not include the "/web" element. 

Activate License: Activates your license, whether connecting to a JFrog Artifactory instance licensed to work with Xray, or using a JFrog Xray trial license.

Connect to Artifactory

Onboarding - Select repositories

Selecting builds for indexing

Connect to Artifactory: Connect to your first Artifactory instance. You can connect to additional instances at any time later on. Once you have configured the connection, you can run a bi-directional connection test to make sure Xray can communicate with Artifactory and vice versa. Enable the "Set this Artifactory to be the Authentication Provider" checkbox to activate SSO authentication mode

Note: make sure you do not have an Artifactory user called xray.

Select Repositories: Select repositories for indexing in your selected Artifactory instance.

Select Builds for Index: Select builds for indexing in your selected Artifactory instance.

Onboarding - Database sync

Onboarding - Complete

 Database Sync: Synchronize data from the global database server.


Once you have completed the onboarding process, click Finish to start using Xray, or Finish and Add Watch to create your first Watch.

You can update your configuration and add more configuration parameters at any time. For details, please refer to Configuring Xray.

Accessing Xray Using Single Sign-On (SSO)

When you log in to Xray, the following screen opens. Use your Authentication Provider Artifactory login credentials to log in to Xray. Contact your admin if you do not know your credentials.

Single Sighn-On Login

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