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Xray displays the Home screen when you log in. The Home screen is a dashboard that gives you an instant picture showing a number of critical parameters in your Xray setup

Home Screen

Page Contents

Top Ribbon

The top ribbon in Xray displays the logged-in user, and provides access to Help. Admin users may click the status icon to get a quick and easy view of general system status

Recent Violations

The Recent Violations panel displays a list of the most recent Violations that were issued by Xray according the watches that the currently logged-in user has defined.

Recent Vulnerabilities

The Recent Vulnerabilities panel displays the most recent new vulnerabilities that have been added to Xray, whether to the Global Database Server, or through one of the external integrations.

Basic Information

Basic information is displayed in three panels that show:

  • the number of Artifactory instances connected to this instance of Xray
  • the total number of Artifacts currently indexed by Xray (for all of the connected Artifactory instances),
  • the total number of Violations that are currently active in the system

Database Sync Status

 The Database Sync panel  displays the current status of synchronization with the Global Database Server, and provides a link that lets you initiate a synchronization process.

Supported Technologies

The Supported Technologies panel displays the list of technologies that Xray scans and indexes for vulnerabilities.

Recent Packages

The Recent Packages panel displays new packages that have recently entered the system and have been indexed for scanning by Xray. At the top of the panel you can enter a search query to search for a particular package. Xray will take you to the Components module  where it will display the results of your search. In the Components module, you can drill down to view details of any components that were found to match your search query, or run a new search using all the parameters available.

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