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Artifactory supports sending mail to notify administrators and other users for significant events that happen in your system.

Some examples are:

  • Watch notifications
  • Alerts for backup warnings and errors
  • License violation notifications

To enable mail notifications, you need to configure Artifactory with your mail server details as described below.

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To access the mail server configuration, in the Admin module select Configuration | Mail.

Setup is straightforward and can be verified by sending a test message. Simply click "Send Test Mail" in the Configure Mail screen. 

When set, mail notifications are enabled
The host name of the mail server
The port of the mail server
The username for authentication with the mail server
The password for authentication with the mail server
From (optional)

The "from" address header to use in all outgoing mails.

Subject Prefix
A prefix to use for the subject of all outgoing mails
Artifactory URL (optional)

The Artifactory URL to use in all outgoing mails to denote links to Artifactory.

When set, uses Transport Layer Security when connecting to the mail server
When set, uses a secure connection to the mail server
Test Message Recipient
The email address of a recipient to receive a test message

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