Good news! Enterprise-scale distribution is now handled through the robust JFrog Platform.
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JFrog Distribution enables you to quickly and reliably distribute immutable software releases from their deployment sites to production systems at remote sites. It is a core part of JFrog Enterprise+, and provides a secure and structured platform to distribute release binaries to multiple remote locations and update them as new release versions are produced. As part of the release flow, release bundles are verified by the target destination to ensure that they are signed correctly and safe to use. For more information, see JFrog Distribution.

Main Features and Functionality

  • Supported on all cloud vendors.
  • Natively integrates with JFrog Artifactory and all of the JFrog products in the JFrog Platform.
  • Support for package types supported by JFrog Artifactory.
  • Fine-grained control of which content is distributed to which location. 
  • Fully integration with JFrog Xray that recursively scans Release Bundles in your system, drilling down to analyze even the smallest binary component that affects your software.
  • Secured distribution using GPG encryption.
  • Efficient network utilization by optimizing replication, dramatically reducing network load and Release Bundle synchronization time from source Artifactory to target instance or Edge node.
  • Distribute to multiple read-only sites in one step.
  • Auditing and traceability by tracking all changes associated with a Release Bundle.
  • Supports including Package artifacts from multiple repository types into one Release Bundle.
  • Quicker distribution using the JFrog Replicator.

Available JFrog subscription levels:
Self-Managed (On-Prem) / Cloud (SaaS)

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