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Installing the Artifactory Pro Power Pack is a two-step process:

  1. Install the Artifactory Pro Power Pack or upgrade an existing installation to include the Pro Power Pack
  2. Activate the Pro Power-Pack by entering your Artifactory Pro License.

1. Downloading

Purchase or request an evaluation of the Artifactory Pro Power Pack from JFrog's web site. By return email you receive a download link to download the Artifactory Pro Power Pack and a unique license key.

2. Installing

Installing and Upgrading

If you are setting up a clean installation of Artifactory Pro Power Pack, follow the regular Installation Instructions. Installing Artifactory with the Pro Power Pack is identical to installing the Artifactory OSS version.

When upgrading from a previous version of Artifactory, Artifactory OSS or Artifactory Pro Power Pack, follow the regular Upgrade Instructions.

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Configuring a License Key

As part of your purchase/evaluation you were also provided with a unique product license key.

To activate your Artifactory Pro you must enter this license key in Artifactoy's license configuration page.

This is performed by an Artifactory administrator.  From the Admin tab go to Configuration -> Register Pro and entering the data in the License field.

Once you have configured a valid License key, Artifactory Pro Power Pack is fully active and the Pro Power Pack Add-ons appear as 'Activated' on Artifactory's home page screen.

If you are using encrypted passwords with an IBM JDK/JRE, you may encounter encryption restrictions. For details please refer to Using Your Secure Password.

Enjoy using Artifactory Pro!

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