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Xray provides different facilities that allow you to maintain and monitor your installation.

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Xray System Messages

Xray administrators can view a list of all artifact and data failure messages in Failure Messages and Retry Messages tab in the System Messages page, under the Administration module. Each failure can be traced to the exact step in the scanning and impact analysis Xray process in which it failed, allowing administrators to fix the issue and retry the step or contact JFrog support for further investigation.


Every time a new artifact or build is added, Xray scans it and its dependencies for known vulnerabilities and compliance violations and generate Issues accordingly. This process is called "Scanning". That includes the following process steps:

  • Check All
  • Index
  • Persist
  • Analysis
  • Alert
  • Notify
  • Artifactory Update

Impact Analysis

Every time new component metadata is available (vulnerabilities, licenses, etc.), Xray looks up the component in the components graph and if the update matches any watches, Xray will generate an issue and create a map of its impact to determine which artifacts are ultimately affected by it. This process is called "Impact Analysis". That includes the following process steps: 

  • Analysis
  • Alert
  • Notify
  • Artifactory Update

Viewing Failure Messages

The name of the failed artifact being scanned by Xray, or the data update in case of an impact analysis, such as vulnerability and licence name.
The location of the artifact being scanned by Xray (including the instance name, repo name and path within the repo), or the source of the data update in case of impact analysis (including the database sync or custom issue assigned).
The step in which the artifact failed (including the process and step name).
The time in which the failure occurred. By default, the grid will be sorted from newest failure to oldest.
The detailed error message describing what caused this failure.

Viewing Retry Messages

Displays the number of retry messages generated for selected processes.

Xray System Monitoring

Xray displays your general system status.

Xray displays your general system status.

The overall status is an accumulation of the status for a variety of parameters. The table below describes the parameters monitored and the condition that generates a notification. Note that some notifications may be categorized as "warnings" or "errors" depending on the severity of the condition:


Condition for notification

Connection to the PostgreSQL database

No connection

Connection to RabbitMQ messaging service

No connection

Connection to Global Database Server

No connection
Connection to Artifactory instancesNo connection
Service restarts

Warning: 3 in the last 5 hours

Error: 50 in the last 5 hours

Average CPU usage

Warning: 90%

Error: 95%

Average RAM usage

Warning: 90%

Error: 95%

System open files usage

Warning: 80% of maximum

Error: 95% of maximum

Working directory disk usage

Warning: 80% of total

Error: 95% of total

 Xray data folder disk usage

Warning: 80% of maximum specified in the Xray configuration files

Error: 95% of maximum specified in the Xray configuration files

 Failed Messages Count

Warning: More than 0 failure messages

Error: More than 100 failure messages

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