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JFrog Mission Control is designed to be your single access point for managing multiple JFrog Platform Deployments (JPDs). It lets you view all JPDs under your administrative control whether they are installed on your own site, or at geographically remote sites around the world. You can see the connections between them, perform operations on several instances at once, or drill down to view and configure a single instance at a time.

Main Features and Functionality

Central License and Bucket License Management

Mission Control provides license and Bucket License management allowing you to manage activation, renewal and upgrade of all services under your control, including the following benefits: 

  • Upload your license buckets using a signed URL or by uploading an offline bucket file.
  • Licenses can be managed from the in the Managing Licenses in the Administration module in the UI or using REST API.
  • Large number of JPDs can be easily managed and automated using license buckets and JFrog CLI.

Managing Platform Deployments

You can register, manage, monitor and gain visibility on all your installed JFrog Platform Deployments (JPDs) and the installed services according to geographic locations in the JFrog Platform. The monitored services are Artifactory, Xray and Distribution. Start by registering your JPDs in the JFrog Platform. For more information, see Managing Platform Deployments.


JFrog Subscription Levels

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Access Federation

Requires an Enterprise+ license.
Access Federation gives you control over access to all, or any subset of your services from one location by synchronising all security entities (users, groups, permissions and access tokens) between the federated services. Once access federation has been set up, you can manage all security entities in the federated services from one place. For more information, see Access Federation.

Dedicated JPD Health and Status Dashboard

The Topology Dashboard displays your registered JPDs across geographical areas in a map view with a set of indicators providing insight into the health of your services running on each JPD. You can view the status of your Access Federation and Replication in the map view and information about each of your Registered JPDs in the JFrog Platform.

Monitoring Metrics

Requires an Enterprise+ license.
The Trends view in the Dashboard displays metrics and a set of graphs related to Distribution, Replication, Security and Storage based on historical data collected and stored in the Unified JFrog Platform. For more information, see Viewing Trends in the Dashboard.

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