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A Jira integration is required to create issues on Jira server from JFrog Pipelines steps.

Adding an integration

You can add this integration by following steps on the Managing Pipelines Integrations page.

Here is the information you need to create this integration:

  • Name -- choose a friendly name for the integration
  • Url -- Jira URL (for example,
  • Username -- account username/email used for login
  • Token/Password -- either
    TextJira API Token
    for the account with
    Textpermissions on the Jira REST APIs
    (for Jira Cloud), or the account password (for Jira Server)

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The Jira integration can be added directly to a step in the integrations section. 

The send_notification utility function can be used with a Jira integration to create an issue in Jira. For example, if a deployment fails, a ticket can be created in Jira through this integration. 

Default Environment Variables

When you add this integration to a step, a set of environment variables is automatically made available.

Environment variable


int_<integration-name>_urlJira API endpoint URL
int_<integration-name>_usernameUsername or email to use to login
int_<integration-name>_tokenAuthorization to use for invoking the APIs
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